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Heres a little Pride and Prejudice fanfic for you. (Gifs not mine)

A year after the marriages of Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia Bennet, news reaches the Bennet household that two youthful bachelors that have temporarily resided in Hertfordshire, and Mrs Bennet leaps at the chance to marry off her two remaining daughters. 

Without, apparently, much persuading..  

Mr Alexander Clark, an aspiring painter and musician, sees Mary staring out over the fields one morning as he walks to find inspiration for a painting. He finds more than inspiration in her simple beauty and falls in love with her, and draws her every chance he gets. Mary is no fool. She knows of Alexander’s passions for art and music, so plays the piano louder than deemed necessary. 

The young nobleman’s son Mr Frederic Hartwell has something of a reputation for his charm, manners, rambunctiousness and playful nature; easily winning the heart of the ever flighty Kitty Bennet. Something of a surprise to her family as they all, admittedly, were waiting for Kitty’s elope and marriage to an officer just like her beloved sister Lydia. A well spoken nobleman being the exact opposite of even Jane’s optimism. 

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